Metaverse Business Hub: AI powered Marketing and Sales Boost for Your Company

Unlock the future of business with our metaverse platform, merging Web2 and Web3 technologies into an integrated, AI-powered hub for a seamless and effective online presence. Connect, analyze, and optimize in a decentralized digital world, marking your global footprint with blockchain-based precision.
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Fully integrated

Experience seamless functionality with our fully integrated platform, where every digital aspect of your business converges for unparalleled efficiency and strategic precision.

Payments functionality

Transform your Business Page into a transaction hub with our integrated payments functionality, facilitating seamless and secure financial interactions right at the heart of your digital presence.

Prebuilt AI components

Empower your marketing and sales strategies with our prebuilt AI components, designed to streamline operations and generate valuable insights, driving your business towards unprecedented success.

On-the-fly analysis

Accelerate your business growth with our platform, designed for rapid scalability thanks to our robust cloud-based infrastructure, providing the speed and flexibility your business demands.

Get insights on Search
Website visitors today demand a frictionless user experience — especially when using search. Because of the hight standards.

The Executive Team

There's nothing I really wanted to do in life that I wasn't able to get good at. That's my skill.

Kris Lukacs


Serial entrepreneur. 5 own startup. 20+ startup as a mentor.
$3m exit.

Oleg Zsolt Berta


20y+ C level experience.
Web3 BizDev.

Gergely Kovacs


10y+ MVP building experience.
Cloud architect, hacker.

309,000 +
Registered Users

From the largest web3 metaverse with the most landowners.

Ai Tools

From the high scalable AI providers.

Low Cost, Scalable

Low cost, fast growing, high end technology.

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