2023.07.22 — Posted by Net To Met

Credit amortisation and Ambassador program. What is the connection between this things?

Can I earn money with the Business Layer without having to pay the 100 USD registration fee?

Can companies or anyone create a Business Layer company page on my land NFT without my consent?

How can companies create a business profile, if the land is already occupied on Next Earth?

How can it be reached?

How can landowners earn money with this new feature?

How will the revenue be distributed?

Is it possible to establish a Business within the NetToMet Metaverse Business Layer even if I don't own a formal company?

What are the AI tools that are available to businesses?

What are the new features, services that will be available later?

What are the prerequisites of earning money with the business layer?

What is the Business layer MVP?

What kind of features/modules/services are available for companies on the company profile of Business layer for the monthly fee right from the start?

What utility does it bring to NextEarth lands and NextEarth landowners?

What value does it add to a company to create a business profile on Next Earth Business Layer?

Who can create a business profile on the Business Layer?

Why is it worth spending extra money on it besides the need of buying Metaverse land?

Why would a company want to create a Business Layer company profile on Next Earth?